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Summer Sun And Summer Treats

Summer Sun And Summer Treats

With heatwave after heatwave people are flocking to local parks, beer gardens and open spaces. While picnics in the park are great, we think that fresh food and drink in our beer garden is where the real enjoyment happens.

Our Beer Garden

Here at the Lion, we have turned our beer garden into the perfect space to spend your summer days, evenings and weekends. With perfect astroturf, you won’t be competing with the ups and downs that come with normal grass, nor will there be times that the grass is getting too long. Instead, enjoy it being perfect every time.
Our tables have been carefully selected to ensure that everyone can engage, after all, a round table is better for groups than a rectangular one right?
If the main beer garden isn’t for you, we always have the courtyard too. Perfect for a couple of drinks or even a bite to eat.
In the height of the summer sun, make sure to make use of our umbrellas and get yourself some shade where you can, or at least pop your drinks under it so they don’t get too warm!

Summer Treats

Of course, we all love a drink in the sun, so it would be rude not to check out some of our summer specials right?
Our collection of summer cocktails is certainly something to take a look at. Our personal favourite on those hot days is the peach and raspberry cooler. Complete with Bombay Sapphire gin, Smirnoff Vodka, Archers & fresh raspberries and topped with apple juice.
Our collection of bottled beers are chilling, ready for you to pick up a couple on your way to the beer garden, and our mixers for our spirits are cooling nicely, just don’t forget the ice!

Summer Pizza

When it’s hot outside, you don’t always feel like eating a big meal, particularly not a hot one. And while there are salads on the menu, we have a better suggestion for you. Ordering a selection of our classic stone-baked pizzas to the table and having a share.
There’s no need to dive right in as soon as they arrive at the table, because we all know pizza tastes fantastic hot and cold. And there’s no rush to eat as much as you can while it’s hot, so sit back, have a sip of a drink, a slice of pizza and just relax.

Don’t forget, if you want a summer night away, there’s nothing better than a stay in one of the best hotels in Derbyshire, and the most popular hotel in Belper! Our ensuite rooms are luxuriously comfortable and ready for you to spread out at the end of a long hot day! Remember to take a soak in a nice cool bath, or have a cold shower to cool you down, then climb into bed, ready for the day ahead.
For more information on visiting the Lion Hotel, or to book a table or stay, please contact the team today who will be happy to assist you.

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Allergens and Intolerance

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