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Sundays Are For Relaxing

Sundays Are For Relaxing

There was once a time when Sundays meant that nothing opened in the UK. A day where everything was closed and we, as a nation were forced to relax. Other than the stresses of cooking the perfect Sunday dinner for the whole family.
In 2022, almost everywhere is open, and for most, it’s the day of the week when they can get everything done around the house, before the working week ahead. However, here at The Lion Hotel Belper, we want to bring back the Sunday relaxation, but one step further, we’ll do all the cooking and washing up!

Sunday Lunch

At home, everyone has different ideas as to what makes the perfect Sunday lunch. From which meat to choose, to the type of potatoes, which veg you like and even how thick the gravy is. But the funny thing is that none of it matters when you go out to eat!
Sundays are the day when everyone has an opinion on cooking, even if they don’t step foot in the kitchen the rest of the week. The day where there are more household arguments and all of them are over food!
When you join us for Sunday Lunch the petty arguments between members of the family over how the food should be prepared disappear, and you find that everyone around the table will actually agree that how the food arrives is actually perfectly right!

Sundays At The Lion Hotel

Every week our Sunday menu will vary, even if it’s just slightly. Meaning that our regulars will get to try something new every time they visit us. Whether we simply change up the meat of the day, we add a special to the menu, or even we have different puddings on offer!
If there’s someone in your party who isn’t a fan of your traditional Sunday lunch (we know there are some out there!) we also have a great selection of alternative meals available each week! If you are interested in finding out in advance (although we don’t like to spoil every surprise) simply get in touch with the team today!

If you are looking for the best Sunday lunch restaurants in Derbyshire, look no further. Here at The Lion Hotel Belper, we have wonderful regular customers on Sundays that we see week after week, and we take as meaning our Sunday lunches are the best around!
Don’t forget that there’s no big rush to leave. If you find yourself fancying a night away and looking for hotels in Derbyshire, our luxury ensuite rooms are the perfect place for you to relax.

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Allergens and Intolerance

This website is to be used as a a best faith effort to inform you of our allergen and intolerance policy,  and may not be 100% accurate, or may be out of date at the time of reading, you should always advise your server on any dietary requirements, including intolerance & allergies. All our dishes are prepared in our kitchens where allergens are present. We therefore cannot guarantee that all our dishes are free from traces of allergens.

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