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Delicious Pizza Topping Combinations You Need to Try

Delicious Pizza Topping Combinations You Need to Try

When it comes to pizza toppings, everyone has their go-to option, whether that is pepperoni or a meat feast. However, there are plenty of other choices yet to be discovered by you, with tonnes of flavour to offer. As one of the best pizza restaurants in Derby, we know a thing or two about satisfying our customer’s taste buds and pizza cravings. Let’s take a look at delicious pizza topping combinations including Italian classics, our menu specialities and dessert pizzas you need to try. It’s time to broaden your pizza choices, you may find a new favourite from our menu!

Italian Classics

Four Cheese

Our Four Cheese pizza is similar to a Margarita pizza but with extra cheese. It starts with a layer of tomato sauce, then we add four different blends of cheese including mozzarella, parmesan, gorgonzola and smoked cheese. The result? Delicious, cheesy and stringy.


If you haven’t heard of a calzone before, it is an Italian twist on traditional pizza. Instead of the dough being cooked and served flat, the dough is spread with tomato sauce and topped with cheese, ham and mushroom. Next, it is folded in half to form a half-moon shape before being cooked. A calzone is essentially a pocket of stuffed goodness.

New Yorker

Bring the taste of Little Italy with our New Yorker pizza. Covered with pastrami, jalapenos and red onion, a sprinkle of smoked cheddar, and then drizzled with American mustard. This pizza is infused with flavour and aroma that transports you to the streets of Little Italy with every bite.

The Lion Hotel Specials

Lion’s Pride

The Lion’s Pride is a firm favourite with our customers. It begins with a tomato sauce base. Next, we layer on spicy beef, chorizo and red onion to add depth and smokiness. To balance out the flavours, we scatter the base with creamy mozzarella cheese and place sun-dried tomatoes on top. Finally, we sprinkle it with parmesan cheese before placing it in our pizza oven.

Land & Sea

If you are a fan of king prawns, our Land & Sea special is a perfect combination of meat and seafood. Again, it begins with a tomato sauce base, and then we add king prawns and pepperoni. Next, we sprinkle an even layer of gorgonzola and mozzarella over the top before cooking it to perfection.

Half Pizza, Half Dessert


Fancy something sweet? You’ll adore the idea of dessert pizza – half pizza, half dessert. Instead of a tomato sauce base, it is covered with a generous layer of Nutella spread and instead of traditional pizza toppings, it is topped with fresh berries and whipped cream. This combination is a must-try for anyone with a sweet tooth – adults and children alike!

Authentic Stone-Baked Pizza at The Lion Hotel 

The Lion Hotel in Belper is renowned for its authentic stone-baked pizzas, our customers can certainly vouch for that. We offer the above pizza topping combinations as part of our delicious pizza menu but also Margherita, Hawaii, Regina, Diavola, Chicken Tikka, Chicken Shawarma, Capricciosa, Pulled Pork and Noci specials. Most of our pizzas can be made with a gluten-free base for any dietary requirements. Vegan and vegetarian pizzas are also included in our menu. Feeling adventurous? You can add extra toppings to your pizza for a small fee such as meat and fish. Just ask our servers.

Try Our Lion Yard Offer

Are you ordering for a group or want to share more than one pizza? Then, try our Lion Yard offer. Choose 8 toppings (not including tomato sauce and mozzarella) or choose 3 pizzas from our menu to stick together for only £38. Two side dishes of your choice are also included in this offer. This is the perfect way to satisfy your taste buds while trying new pizza toppings! 

Book A Table or Place Your Order

Our pizza menu is served from Mondays to Thursdays from noon to 3 pm and 5 to 9 pm as well as Fridays to Sundays from noon to 9 pm for a weekend treat. All of our pizzas are freshly hand-stretched and cooked by our team of talented chefs in our authentic stone-baked pizza oven. Bulk up your meal by adding a side dish such as chips, sweet potato fries, garlic pizza bread or a salad. To book a table in our restaurant, contact us directly or fill out our form and a member of our team will get in touch with you. 

Planning a night-in? Our stone-baked pizzas are also available for takeaway. Take a look at the pizza section in our takeaway menu, serving Mondays to Sundays from noon to 9 pm. Place your pizza order today by calling us on 01773 824033.

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